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Demo of simple Tracking for your own website

ShowGPS - Quick Startmenu Quick-Startmenu

ShowGPS - GPS display GPS

Display speed, direction, height, time, coordinates, satellite information, signal quality, GPS status

Voice output of notes, information, Points of interest errors, measurement results, warnings Sound at certain events You can import many more Points of interest!

ShowGPS - POI-Managment POI-Managment

ShowGPS - Openstreetmap Openstreetmap (with routing)

Use all Openstreetmap datas on your Netbook or mobile PC!
Import every country you want!

You can download small areas directly over the mapview.
Speedlimit warning and display of streetnames are supported.

ShowGPS - Mapview and search Map View and Search

Mapview and City-search with Worldmap
The Mapview shows your position on the world. You can see cities and your POIs from ShowGPS on the map.

Map import via Openstreetmaps or GoogleMaps

ShowGPS - GPS Tracking and map withmit other position-icon GPS-Tracking

ShowGPS save all your drives.

ShowGPS - GPS Tracking GPX-Import Tracking GPX-Import and Export

Route, Track and WayPoint import
Export your Tracks into the GPX format
Display on map

ShowGPS - Statistics Statistics

ShowGPS - Google Earth GPS Google Earth - Show Log GPS

ShowGPS and Navigon ShowGPS with Navigon

ShowGPS and Mapfactor ShowGPS with Mapfactor

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