ShowGPS - Tracking Demo
Display your position on your Homepage

Here you can learn how you use the tracking function of ShowGPS for your own homepage.

So it could be merged also on your website

Last coordinates
26.04.08 - 13:16:18
26.04.08 - 13:15:18
26.04.08 - 13:14:18
26.04.08 - 13:13:18


Workflow in ShowGPS
By default, every 5 minutes a link with Time + date in the file koordlnk.txt saved. This file is in the ShowGPS directory.

You can change the Time, how many of links and link building in ShowGPS.ini [GPS_URL]

Upload to your website

Upload the file to a PHP-capable web server.
For example with this program: WatchDog

  Technical notes

The file is turned over with this PHP call on the internet page:

<? $filename="koordlnk.txt"; include("putmap.php"); ?>

Save the internetsite with .php at end.
Then upload the file putmap.php to the web server in which the following contents stand:

$zeile = file($filename);
foreach($zeile as $linkname) {
 $array = explode("#",$linkname);
 echo "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"";
 echo $array[0];
 echo "\">";
 echo $array[1];
 echo "</a><br>";

copyright 2010 H.Schaufert

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